My YouTube Channel ♡

Sunday. January 4. 2015

For some, you may know I attempted to make YouTube videos about a year ago. I was really inspired by a lot of other young women who shared the same interests in makeup, fashion, and beauty as I did, so I thought it would be fun to share my points of view on these topics online as well! Unfortunately I REALLY needed to focus on my school work because the program I am trying to apply for is VERY competitive and requires a GPA above 3.5 to really be considered in obtaining a spot, so all the time and effort I had was used to focus on my studies. Luckily, this year I BELIEVE I can balance school, work, blogging and recording videos if I just really stick to a strict time management plan, so be ready to see a lot more of me! ;p haha.

WHAT WILL BE ON MY CHANNEL? I will be posting tutorials about makeup, hair and beauty, along with celebrity looks, fashion finds, product recommendations and basically anything pertaining to the beauty/fashion industry!

I will also be utilizing my channel to upload videos on my daily life so you all can see me on a more personal level – the Erika without all the makeup, without the coordinated outfits.. just the Erika who loves to be in her sweats, watch Netflix, and hang out with her friends, her dogs and her boyfriend, while eating a variety of snacks! hehe. Below will be my first upload & vlog for the new year, with a tiny peek into my life!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all nothing but positive vibes, happiness and success this upcoming year!


2 thoughts on “My YouTube Channel ♡

  1. heeey i’m nigahigaisdabest ,just wanted to let you know that i really look forward to all those vids that you’re going to postand that you’re the reason why i’m starting my own blog ‘cuz i realised you live such a busy life and still find time to blog ,so i probably could do it too so yea ,thank you 😉


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